Operating a high growth business is not only exciting but can also be a risky and daunting time in a business’s lifecycle.

The MGI team are experienced in helping clients build sustainable high growth businesses by creating strategies designed to capitalise on opportunities and helping to shed light on common pitfalls of businesses in the growth stage.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level and want the confidence of having someone in your corner to share ideas with, ask tough questions and investigate opportunities, then the experts at MGI might be what your business needs.

Our Services

  • One-on-one business coaching
  • Strategic planning
  • Acquisition advice
  • Assistance with business funding

How we can help

Keep you accountable

We know that business owners juggle conflicting priorities. We will help keep you focused on your strategic goals.

Help you avoid the pitfalls of growing too fast

High growth can be challenging to manage, especially if the finances to sustain the growth are unavailable. We will look ahead and help address your future needs.

Provide clarity on your vision

We will help you develop a clear vision that highlights what you aim to achieve.

Identify opportunities to increase business value and maximise growth possibilities

We will partner with you to identify opportunities in your industry and provide you with a strategic plan to capitalise on them.

Whether it was identifying and resolving payroll tax issues that were crippling our restaurant, attending hostile board meetings as a voice of support or restructuring Three Mills, the MGI team have always been there to provide support and advice.

Jarrod Deaton

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Managing Partner

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