The Three Mills Bakery journey hasn’t always been smooth sailing, however it is characterised by substantial and continual growth and in a few short years the business has expanded from producing a limited range of hand-made sourdough and pastries to operating as a wholesale and retail bakery that has become a household name in Canberra.

Jarrod Deaton, owner of Three Mills Bakery, says that they don’t consider themselves to be just a bakery and at the core of their business is innovation, creativity and resourcefulness. It is their ability to understand what their clients need and adapt their business accordingly combined with great customer service which sets them apart in the industry.

The true testament to the Three Mills journey is that regardless of the challenges they have faced they have been able to stay true to their original vision of creating world-class hand-formed products and artisan pastries.


Relationship built on trust

MGI have been a long standing partner of Three Mills Bakery, providing taxation and advisory services since the company’s formation.

Three Mills Bakery has experienced some significant changes in the past couple of years, especially moving away from the restaurant business, A.Baker, and focusing solely on the bakery operations.

“During this period I needed an accountancy firm that I could trust to help make the right decisions. Whether it was identifying and resolving payroll tax issues that were crippling our restaurant, attending hostile board meetings as a voice of support, helping to establish a new company or restructuring Three Mills, the MGI team have always been there to provide support and advice” Jarrod said.

Personalised Service

The team at MGI understand that success looks different for each business and will always invest the time to get to know their clients and understand their goals and motivation so they can work together to achieve success.

The team at MGI essentially function as the CFO for Three Mills Bakery. As a result of this partnership the team is able to assist with the hiring and performance reviews for the bookkeeping team, preparing and reviewing the annual budget for the business as well as implementing tax planning strategies throughout the year.

When asked to summarise what it is like to partner with MGI, Jarrod said that “the team at MGI Joyce Dickson have literally changed the course of my life. Lorin Joyce, Steve Merenda and their team have always provided world class service.”

Would you recommend MGI?

“The level of care they demonstrate makes it easy for me to recommend MGI Joyce Dickson and I look forward to working with them in the future,” Jarrod said.

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