MGI Joyce|Dickson understands that the definition of success differs from one business to another. The MGI team partners with their clients to understand their needs and help them achieve their version of success.

Greg Diamond, a partner at MGI Joyce|Dickson, has been working with his client, Re-Seal Bathrooms, since the beginning. He has been instrumental in providing the right advice and strategies that has enabled Re-Seal Bathrooms to become a well-known and respected business in Canberra.

Re-Seal Bathrooms started twelve years ago, operating out of Brad and Tania’s dining room. With initially just 3 staff, the business has now grown to 14 employees, a team of external contractors and a new premises with a showroom designed to showcase what the Re-Seal team can achieve for their clients.


Re-Seal’s new premises was important to ensuring their continued growth by capitalising on the foot traffic that Newcastle Street in Fyshwick provides. Greg was able to assist Brad and Tania with the purchase of this premises by providing guidance and advice around structuring the purchase through their self-managed superfund. “Buying commercial property is daunting enough, Greg’s advice on the structure and the advice he gave us enabled us to just walk in and sign,” Brad says. Tania agreed, stating that “nothing would have happened without Greg’s guidance years ago on the little steps to take and introducing us to members of the MGI team at the right time.”

Being in business is a combination of constant challenges and rewards. For Brad and Tania being in business is about creating fulfilment and a future for themselves, their families and their staff. They have created a holistic service offering that allows them to go beyond just “selling clients what we do, and instead working with our clients to do what they need done, whether that be a few hundred dollar shower re-seal to a full bathroom renovation,” Brad says.

Finding a balance between working hard to continue to grow Re-Seal Bathrooms and creating a lifestyle they can enjoy is the true definition of success for Brad and Tania. Re-Seal’s new premises encapsulates this definition with the team creating a space that is designed to be homely and enjoyable to work in. Greg says he has also grown with the business and has stepped away from looking purely at the bottom line and instead works with his clients to “find a balance between their lifestyle, instant gratification and long-term wealth creation.”

In the next five years Re-Seal Bathrooms plan to continue with the re-sealing portion of their business and expand further into the bathroom renovation market. It is Re-Seal’s partnership with Greg that will help their growth to continue as he has always and will continue to “provide great advice around structure, cost savings and the right strategies to implement at each stage of our business lifecycle” says Brad and Tania.

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