Carways is one of Canberra’s ultimate family business success stories. With close to 50 years of history the business has grown from a single truck to a fleet of over 65 trucks transporting over 65,000 vehicles each year. It is Managing Director, Scott Brown’s passion for the industry that has contributed to the growth of the business which was founded by his uncle and father.



Des Clear, a partner at MGI Joyce|Dickson, has been working with Carways for the past 20 years. During this time the business has seen substantial growth and increased annual turnover. Carways has also expanded geographically with depots now in Melbourne, Sydney, Lismore, Brisbane, Adelaide and Canberra, allowing the business to capitalise on a larger market share. Scott also attributes this growth to their strong service offering saying, “we are known for our personal service delivery and we let it sell our business.”

For Scott, being in business is about enjoying what he does, working hard and being rewarded for his hard work. “I enjoy what I do and have never had a day where I haven’t wanted to go to work,” says Scott. It is this dedication that has resulted in a strong work culture, with Des adding, “Scott grew up with Carways and there wouldn’t be a part of the business that he doesn’t understand.” This level of involvement and understanding of all aspects of the business has resulted in a cooperative working environment, built on mutual trust and respect amongst their team.

Carways is one of the top 4 companies in the car transport industry. What sets the business apart from its competitors is Carways commitment to service delivery for their customers, owning their own trucks and having an employee base as opposed to subcontracting. This model provides its own unique set of challenges especially if the economy tightens or car sales decline. When asked how they manage these challenges Scott said, “our relationship with Des is integral to our business as he is able to assist us in forecasting and provide strategies to help overcome these challenges.”

The relationship between Des and Scott is very complimentary in terms of how active Scott is in the business and Des’s ability to understand the checks and balances to ensure the whole business moves forward. “The role of an advisor is to be an enabler. I share Scott’s vision, provide support whilst mitigating risk and help him achieve his objectives, be they business, financial or  personal.” Scott adds, “we have a very honest relationship which allows Des to pull me back when needed. He gets my drive and ambition which ensures a successful partnership.”

When asked how Scott feels about his business he said, “I am very proud. I am proud of my staff and the culture we have created as well as our reputation in the industry.” With Des adding, “I look forward to continuing to work with Carways and helping Scott achieve his future objectives.”

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