ACT Kitchens is a family owner business that specialises in kitchens, stone bench tops, vanities and robes. Operating in Canberra for the past 7 years, the brothers are passionate about working with their clients to deliver their dream spaces.

ACT Kitchens partnered with MGI Joyce|Dickson two years ago after the owners, Brendan, Jay and Daniel Maloney, identified the need to get help with their business activity. Jay said “we are good at cabinet making, it is what we do. We wanted to take the next step and streamline the business.”


MGI Partner Chris Fusca and Manager Matthew Bramhall have worked closely with their client to provide guidance on the steps they needed to take to achieve their goals. The team have been able to assist ACT Kitchens develop by putting them in contact with the right people at the right time, including a solicitor to develop sale terms and conditions and an insurance broker to secure their insurance needs. “The MGI team are more than just accountants, they are helping us with our entire business,” says Jay.

Being in business is important for the Maloney brothers as they are able to provide continued employment opportunities to their staff and they take great pride in working with their clients to achieve their vision. Building client relationships is extremely important to the brothers with the team working closely with their clients from the design phase through to completion.

One of the biggest challenges that ACT Kitchens faced when partnering with MGI Joyce|Dickson was a lack of understanding on the actual position of the company. The bookkeeping records were in good order, however the owners lacked the knowledge around how to interpret the information, with the directors saying “we didn’t understand what we were reading.”

Matt and Chris were able to provide guidance and education around how to read and interrupt the financial data which has enabled the owners to have a “clear understanding of where the business is going,” says Chris. This advice has helped ACT Kitchens identify cash flow issues and identify areas for profit generation to assist with their continued growth. Matt said “the owners now have regular board meetings with accurate financial information that they can understand.” Daniel also said, “we don’t need to worry about tax liabilities anymore, Matt always calls before tax time, is on top of our deadlines and helps us plan for our liabilities.”

The continued support of MGI ensures the Maloney brothers can focus on continuing to grow and develop their business whilst knowing that the MGI team will be there every step of the way to help them achieve their version of success. With Matt saying, “it is exciting to work together and see their business grow.”

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