Whether you are planning for a comfortable retirement, investing to achieve quantifiable savings goals, or reviewing the performance of your investments, the team at MGI understands that the decisions you make each day can significantly impact on your wealth which is why they partnered with in-house financial advisor, Custodian Financial Group.

This partnership provides clients with a financial solution tailored to managing personal wealth. The planners will work closely with you to understand where you are now in your financial journey, identify your wealth goals and offer investment strategies to reach your goals.

For more information on Custodian Financial Group, please visit their website.

Our Services

  • In-house financial planning services
  • Asset protection
  • Superannuation advice and planning

How we can help

Build your wealth portfolio

Custodian will devise strategies to help build your wealth.

Protect your assets

We will help protect your assets from third parties.

Prepare for retirement

We will help you structure your superannuation to preserve wealth for longer.