Paying tax is an ongoing government obligation that all individuals, corporations and trusts must manage. However it is important to seek the advice of experienced tax consultants to ensure that you are not paying too much tax, especially as the structure of your business can significantly impact the tax you pay.

MGI’s experienced team specialise in understanding tax legislation and will ensure that your tax obligations are managed to your benefit.

Our Services

  • Tax effective business structures
  • Tax due diligence
  • Tax consultation
  • Capital gains tax including small business concessions
  • GST and other indirect tax advice
  • ATO negotiations and management of ATO audits
  • Family tax
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning taxation advice

How we can help

Legally minimise the tax you pay

We will work with you to understand your situation and identify opportunities to legally minimise the tax you pay.

Protect your assets

In addition to minimising tax, we will seek ways to protect your assets from third parties.

Take advantage of government business grants and tax incentives

Taking advantage of government grants and incentives is a great way to secure additional cash in your business. We will work with you on all available options.


Georgie Rogers

Principal - Tax Consulting

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