Have you ever wondered how your business is tracking compared to similar businesses in your industry?

It is very common for businesses to rely solely on revenue or profitability as the ultimate measure of success, however there are numerous factors that can determine a business’s success.

The team at MGI can provide a business benchmarking and analysis service designed to give you a better understanding of your business performance.

Our Services

  • Financial health assessment with scorecard
  • Financial strategies to drive performance improvement
  • Identification of non-financial KPIs to drive financial performance
  • Industry business benchmarking and reports

How we can help

Identify the key financial drivers of your business

Understand the elements of your business that are driving success and implement strategies to build on success.

Benchmark your performance against competitors

Gain an understanding of how your business compares to similar businesses in your industry.

Identify and address key areas of concern

Identifying areas of under-performance and creating strategies to improve.


Jeff Brewer

Senior Partner

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